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Jewel Tech, Inc. began operation in 1979 as a jewelry trade shop servicing and repairing jewelry for retail jewelry establishments. At one time, up to seven jewelers serviced twenty seven major Jacksonville jewelry stores.


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These stores relied on Jewel Tech to provide prompt and expert services.

After twelve years of exclusive wholesale service, Jewel Tech moved to the Bank of America (formally Barnett) Regency tower and offered their services directly to the public. Customers could now speak directly with a jeweler concerning ring sizing, stone setting, custom design, casting, mold making, insurance, appraisals, pearl stringing, chain repairs, diamond and colored stone replacement, engraving, and most anything related to jewelry.

Jewel Tech was one of the first in Jacksonville to install a state-of-the-art laser welder. The laser expanded the ability to safely work on pieces that otherwise were risky. Repairs are now possible to complete next to fragile stones, on costume jewelry and for many other technical applications. Broken metal eyeglass frames are also possible to laser weld and, as always, rush services are available most of the time.